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With the right combination of targeting, a killer offer, and creative (copywriting and design), your ads and marketing funnel can be a predictable money-printing machine. Our 40/40/20 approach ensures we prioritize, test, and optimize the right parts of your marketing campaign to maximize your ROI.

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The 40/40/20 approach

40% of the success of your direct marketing PPC campaign comes down to targeting the right person at the right time. 40% of your success comes down to your offer. 20% comes down to your creative.


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PPC image Marketing isn't magic

“Marketing isn’t magic.”

There is a formula for successful marketing. It doesn’t usually happen overnight (but it’s nice when it does). If you like and sound like everyone else, you will drown in a sea of sameness.


We work with you to determine what tests to run that will unlock profits from your PPC campaign. Once we’ve nailed down the winning formula for your market, we add fuel to the fire and scale your account until you have all the leads you can handle.

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Maximize impact with PPC strategy & analytics

A well-structured PPC account can turn your ad spend into a goldmine of conversions. Being at the right place at the right time can unlock 40% of your campaign’s success. We fine-tune your targeting, ensuring your ads catch the right eyes at the right moments. With accurate conversion tracking, we feed the Google algorithm the perfect data diet, helping it find more ripe leads for you.

Unearth potential with our PPC account audit

Historical data can be a treasure trove of insights, and we know just how to unearth it. By auditing your account, we can pinpoint what’s been working, what hasn’t, and why, providing you fruitful recommendations for improvement. If your account is still green and without historical data, we’ll help you blueprint a structured account, ready for growth.

Test, learn, optimize

We believe that every moment your ads, copywriting, design, and landing pages run, they should be working towards perfection. By constantly testing, learning, and optimizing, we ensure that your account ripens with time, becoming more successful and efficient.

Crafting winning offers

Your direct marketing campaign requires a strong offer—this determines 40% of its success. If your current offer doesn’t hit the mark, don’t worry. We’re here to help you create and test impactful offers that can’t be ignored.

The art of sales copywriting mastered

In the PPC world, your ads on Google and landing pages are more than just visibility, they’re your brand’s voice, your offer, and persuasive copywriting. We ensure that this voice speaks the language of your audience—saying the right thing in the right way to help you stand out and win more leads.

Boost conversions with custom landing pages

Why settle for a 2-5% conversion rate when our landing pages convert at 11-24%? We craft custom landing pages that combine market research, psychology, and our unique ATIDFA methodology to drive conversions. Through rigorous A/B testing and ongoing optimization, we ensure your landing pages are always working hard to drive your cost per lead down and your revenue up.

How SodLawn gets an 11.53x ROI from our SEO and PPC services

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