How Parachute’s new website increased traffic by 69.41% in the first 4 months

  • Over $1,152,000 in new business added from SEO and paid search annually
  • From 2,952 to 49,606 website visitors per year from organic search
  • 69.41% increase in organic new users in the first four months after a website redesign (18,942 new users compared to 11,181 new users)
  • 34 #1-3 rankings
  • #1-3 Google ranking in key markets San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Ramon
  • How Parachute’s new website increased traffic by 69.41% in the first 4 months


    Parachute is a managed IT services company serving small and medium-sized businesses throughout Northern California. They came to us with a brand lacking differentiation and a poorly built website that was crippling their SEO efforts.


    • Technical issues with website limiting ranking improvements
    • Undifferentiated brand
    • Client in one of the most competitive markets in the world for IT companies
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    • Market Research and Rebranding

      Interviewed stakeholders and clients and performed competitive research to understand the market and Parachute’s potential to hold a unique position in it.

    • Web Design

      Launched a new website with proper technical SEO and conversion rate optimization in place.g

    • SEO

      Performed keyword research and wrote content to create topical authority. Hired a writer with IT experience who could write as an authority on the topic on the client’s behalf.

    • Local SEO

      Integrated the client’s customer support software with their reputation management software to increase reviews and improve rankings in the Google Map Pack.

    • Link Building

      Leveraged guest posting, content promotion, and niche edit methods to build the authority of the website.

    • Link Building

      Tightened up keyword targeting and built custom landing pages.

    • Conversion Rate Optimization

      Matched landing page copy to tested advertising copy to eliminate friction in the marketing funnel.


    After partnering with Bananas Marketing, Parachute experienced remarkable growth, rebranding, and a standout new website, making waves in a tough market.


    Their local SEO now ranks #1-3 in key areas like San Francisco and San Jose, driving more leads and business opportunities.


    Revamped PPC strategies and enhanced keyword targeting have generated over $1,000,000 in new business annually. Alongside optimized conversion strategies, Parachute’s user experience and lead conversions skyrocketed.


    This success showcases the combined power of market research, branding, and execution, cementing Parachute’s position as an IT industry leader.


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